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Why Cintoo Cloud
Discover how Cintoo solves the biggest challenges facing industry professionals

With so many challenges in utilizing scan data for complete visualization and coordination, Cintoo offers solutions that not only make 3D scan data easy to view, navigate and work through, but also accessible to everyone.

  • Transform your point clouds into Cintoo's 3D meshes before the upload will compress your data with no compromise on the scanner accuracy or resolution.
  • With Cintoo Cloud, upload your scans from any scanning device together your BIM or CAD model to enable various BIM and digital twin workflows from anywhere at any time, in a simple web browser.
  • The TurboMesh™ mesh streaming engine displays your scans with the same resolution as the source scanner, allowing you to easily interpret your scan data with an optimal navigation experience simple web browser.
Why Cintoo Cloud

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