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2023 Content Management Study
As interoperability continues to play an increasingly significant role in today's fast-paced business landscape, organizations are discovering the impact enterprise content management (ECM) can have on their operations and productivity.

To shed light on current information management trends, SME and Mercury Research LLC, in partnership with Laserfiche, surveyed over 300 professionals within the manufacturing industry. This independent, third-party survey reports on the role ECM systems play in streamlining processes to improve interoperability, real-time data management, compliance records management, content retrieval and cross-functional collaboration. Ultimately, survey data shows ECM is leading the highest level of ROI satisfaction among manufacturing systems.

Key Insights from the report:

  • Current level of satisfaction with manufacturing systems
  • Improvements that manufacturing leaders are looking for in their next implementation process
  • Current trends in addressing high-cost challenges and work delays
  • Leaders’ priorities when looking to invest in new systems
2023 Content Management Study

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