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Improve Performance While Scaling Battery Production
Embrace digitalization to build the factory of the future

The battery industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to McKinsey, the market for battery cells will grow on average by more than 20 percent per year until 2030, reaching anywhere from $360 billion to $410 billion. How can you develop battery cells, modules and packs that meet safety and performance goals and get them to market fast enough to secure your position as an industry leader?

Explore the virtual development of manufacturing for battery cell production including:

  • Recipe management
  • Process planning
  • Layout design
  • Process validation
  • Capacity planning and optimization

In this eBook, explore how new technologies are changing the way batteries are produced. Learn how machines, production lines and factory designs can be developed virtually to assess the implications of multiple what-if scenarios before committing to costly physical builds.

Improve Performance While Scaling Battery Production

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